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The 14th International Conference on Dynamics of Rotating Machines SIRM2021 provides an exciting opportunity to get to know and discuss the latest advances in the research & development of rotating machines, their application/demonstration and a large variety of issues related to dynamics of rotating systems.

Based on the experience gained from past SIRM conferences, we expect a larger attendance of leading representatives of industry, universities and R&D institutes from all over the world. SIRM2021 is therefore a perfect opportunity to promote your organisation to the best professionals in the area of dynamics of rotating machines.

We are pleased to provide this opportunity and would like to invite your company to consider our sponsoring package. All sponsors will get the opportunity to present their company during a technical session (a 15-minute online presentation). The presentation fee is included in the sponsor package. The details of the sponsor package are presented below.

Sponsor package includes:

  • Participation in the conference

  • Company logo on the conference website

  • Company logo on the conference programme

  • Company logo on the cover of the conference proceedings (electronic version)

  • A 15-minute presentation during a technical session (online)

If you have any ideas to support SIRM 2021, please let us know.